First harvest recipe

Exciting news! We have (or should I say had) vegetables ready to harvest in our garden and I knew exactly what to make! I have a great recipe from a vegetarian cookbook we have made in the past but this time it was soooo much better. Why? Because the beans and radishes were grown in our own backyard!

Green Bean Salad with Feta:

12 oz fresh green beans
1 red onion, chopped
4T cilantro, chopped
3 radishes, thinly sliced
1 tomato, chopped
1c feta, crumbled
2T fresh oregano, chopped
2T blackberry balsamic vinegar

Steam green beans over boiling water for 5 minutes. Transfer to a bowl and add onion, cilantro, radishes, tomato, feta, and oregano. Add pepper to taste. Wisk together vinegar and oil. Toss gently with salad to mix. Serve immediately or chill until ready to serve.

We had ours with chicken nuggets for some added protein. I LOVE this salad. I like the freshness of the ingredients, the way the feta softens with the steamed green beans, and the flavor or the basic dressing. I think we will be having it again when we harvest more green beans!

P.S. The next Bodyrock 30 day challenge starts today! Who is joining me? For me, summer is already here. For those of you reading this up north, summer is nearing! Is that enough motivation to kick your own butt for 30 days?



I feel like I repeat myself every week! This week went by so fast! I worked abit, I worked out (except Thursday when I just was not into any workout... and that was okay because it was just one day...one rest day... and today I kicked my own butt). We also discovered a new obsession... Annie's Organic cheese pizza... on sale + a $2 off coupon at Whole Foods! I will be stocking up.

1. Straight hair in the south? Me? We had a 4 day reunion last week. It took some effort but it was wonderful. 2. Morning metabolism booster. Pineapple juice + me = love. 3. When you are having a bad day some SB iced coffee makes everything better. Oh! I discovered a way to make my own iced coffee with a bunch of SB Via instant coffee packages from the pantry, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and a little bit of stevia. Yum! And very affordable. I may even buy myself a SB iced tumbler so I feel like I paid lots of money for my homemade goodness. 4. My tomatoes are ripening! I cannot wait to have a tomato salad soon!

5. I discovered Justin's almond chocolate bar. What an amazing piece of goodness... in moderation of course. 6. My peas are growing! 7. We got our XM radio running this week. We have survived 4 months without cable tv. This is just another reason we will not be purchasing cable anytime soon. I love Cosmo Radio in the morning with Tay and the afternoon with Patrick. Did you know B and I bonded over satellite radio when we first met? We quickly discovered it was something we both could not live without. We both may like different stations but we both love that we have no desire to get cable tv. 8. MMM muffins! I made chocolate chip banana muffins this week and they are delish... and healthy! You know what drives me nuts? the fact that coffee shops find it necessary to sell muffins that are over 400 cals. Seriously? Healthy muffins are just so easy to make.

Happy Friday! We do not have anything planned this weekend so I imagine it will involve a bike ride, some yardwork, cleaning, laundry, and healthy food. Oh and I want to buy a case of strawberries at our local produce market this weekend to make dehydrated strawberries. I'll let you know how that goes.


Lusting over lately

I love to shop... I may not be buying much these days but I still love to look. Here are some of my fave pieces that I have been lately at J Crew and elsewhere.

I already have the bracelet and loop. I think the next pieces I will save for include the naomi top and minnie pant! Am I the only one out there obsessed with J Crew? I just think everything is so well made and fits me perfectly!


Calamari tacos

When I saw this link on the Whole Foods Facebook page last week, I knew we should have fish tacos very soon! When we got to WF on Sunday, there were so many great options for white fish in the seafood case. I knew we would not be having halibut because it was twice the price of others so cod was our next option. We looked a bit further and there was a killer sale on squid! I love the tentacles... actually calamari in general... so we quickly changed our menu to calamari tacos. 

 We marinated the squid in salt, pepper, and old bay seasoning. After steaming it in lemon juice and warming the corn tortillas in the oven, everything was ready to assemble. I love my tacos with tomatoes, cheese, green onion, and salsa verde. B also adds lemon juice and plain yogurt. Oh and don't forget the white wine!

These tacos my be my new obsession. They were so simple and flavorful! I am salivating while looking at the photos. While making them we talked about ways to take advantage of the cheap squid and make baked panko crusted calamari! Hopefully we get more squid soon!

Bon appetit!


Free + sports + hotdogs

Late in the day on Friday, B was given tickets to Friday's and Sunday's softball games in the suite. I love free dates... especially when they come with free hotdogs. Okay, I did have a few free cookies too! Don't worry, the treats in my clutch were for B too!

The weather was beautiful for both games. Unfortunately our home team lost the Sunday game and I did not get a free shirt but I enjoyed the events. The fans had tone of energy and were fun to watch! I can never get enough of people watching.

Its nice to be flexible with our weekend plans and be able to take advantage of free food and sporting events.


Garden update

It has been almost a month since I did a garden update. We have had a couple days of heavy rain and lots of sunshine so everything is growing like crazy... including the weeds! 

As you can see, everything is green and lush. The radishes will be ready to eat soon, I have some beans already, the carrots are growing, and the peas and peppers are flowering. The most exciting part of my garden is the tomatoes. I find new ones growing everyday! Some have outgrown their cages so I need to pick up some stakes to tie them to. Some of the plants are as tall as me! I have at least one tomato on every single plant so I imagine we will get a great variety to enjoy over the summer!
Right now I am trying to keep everything watered on the hot days and plan for what to do next. I imagine the first harvest will be radishes so I can plan something new there to harvest in the fall. We were contemplating sweet potatoes. It will be an experiment to see if they work but that is always the fun part!

Happy gardening!



This week was filled with exercise, a day at the university, yummy meals, and some relaxation. I see a trend. I think I did the same things last week! Maybe I will have to switch it up sometime soon.

1. Went to SB this week... of course. They made me a trenta iced coffee instead of a venti... I was very productive and bouncing off the walls all day. I kinda liked it. 2. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers... rather than rush everywhere. This perfect white bloom caught my eye. 3. Have you ever read Southern Living magazine. We have a subscription. I am obsessed with the home decor and amazing recipes.  4. Another shot from the ball game last week! Hopefully we get to go to another game soon.

5. I made foccacia for our company on the weekend. It rose better than it ever has and turned out really nice with oregano on top! Yum! BTW - I use the exact same recipe as our pizza crust.  6. B at the ball game looking at memorabilia.  7. Me... eating chips and drinking wine... outdoors... I love alfresco dining. 8. Alex Box Stadium... see you again soon!

9. With my creativity this week I look leftover chicken sausages and 3 different veggies from the fridge, made a casserole, and topped it with homemade bread crumbs and cheese. It was delish and a great way to use up food. 10. I got a gift in the mail from SB this week! Thanks for the free drink, we plan to use it this weekend! 11. Alfresco chips and wine. The weather has been amazing lately! 12. Here are some tomatoes from my garden. I plan to do a garden update on Monday! It has grown tons compared to my last post.

Have an amazing weekend! We have some trips to plan and yard work to do.


Sweet potato gnocchi

I decided to do something adventurous last night. We love gnocchi... it is just so pillowy and good! How hard could it be to make? Well my day was complete when I found an amazing recipe for sweet potato gnocchi on Pinterest and knew I could make it myself... then I would not need to buy it for $9/ package (a tiny package) at Whole Foods.

We roasted sweet potatoes on the weekend and had tons of leftovers. I have been unleashing my inner creativity with leftovers this week so I knew they would not be consumed as roasted sweet potatoes for a second time. By the way - we roasted our sweet potatoes this way:
chop into 1" pieces
toss in EVOO, chopped fresh rosemary, and pepper
wrap in foil packages
BBQ until tender

To make the gnocchi I did not need to do much more work! Not much work... but messy... hence the lack of photos while shaping the gnocchi.

1lb pureed sweet potatoes - approx 2 cups
2 + 1/4 c flour (I used a mix of white and whole wheat)
1 beaten egg
1/4 t cinnamon
salt & pepper

Puree leftover roasted sweet potatoes in food processor until smooth.  Add 1 beaten egg, spices, and mix together. Add approx 2c flour until mixed to a doughy consistency (you may need to add more or less). Knead a few times on a floured surface. Cut into quarters, roll each quarter into a long rope, cut into 1" sections, and let dry slightly on a parchment lined cookie sheet (you can freeze them at this point if you want to save them for later). I left mine as a rustic shape as I like the look and it is much less work! 
To cook, drop into boiling water, boil until all gnocchi have floated to the top. Remove with a slotted spoon and mix with desired sauce. We used basil pesto on half and butter with grated cheese on the other half!


We still have over a pound of pureed sweet potatoes left so I will be making more gnocchi to freeze tomorrow! If you come visit you may be lucky enough to enjoy some of these for dinner... or I will teach you to make them!



Remember when we went to New Orleans a few weeks ago? Well we made it back already! With our friends visiting, we decided to go to French Quarter fest and eat delicious food. NOLA was a great place to do so! The fest was packed, the music was entertaining, there was tons of food to sample, and of course I loved the people watching.

 The boys got an order of krispy kreme bread pudding and fell in love. It was very good (B loved it because it did not have raisins... there was no room for raisins with all the doughnutty goodness... it was actually his first time trying bread pudding). We also went into St. Louis Cathedral, saw some beautiful buildings, and lots of cute puppies! How cute are the dogs with the sunnies?

 I happened to stumble upon The Quarter Stitch. What a beautiful store! I could have bought all the yarn in the store. I have stopped knitting since the move because it is too hot to wear any of my creations so I could not rationalize buying any new yarn... I still have a huge stock of yarn I moved with me!

Finally, for dinner we stopped at Gordon Biersch at Harrah's Casino for dinner. The outdoor patio has TVs for the boys to watch hockey and ample opportunity for me to take photos of myself and my surroundings (minus the creeper I had to crop out of multiple photos). I had an amazing blue cheese wedge salad... a little stinky cheese goes a long way with this girl!

I know I said this last time... but NOLA is such a fun city to visit, especially since we are only an hour away! We will be back for more adventures.


Cafe Du Monde...

We were in New Orleans on the weekend (more about that tomorrow!) and we made it to Cafe Du Monde. It was packed but worth the short wait! We got it line to get our treat as take out but one of the serving staff actually took our order and brought us food so we did not have to wait as long. I had an iced cafe au lait and an order of beignets! Wow. They were both amazing... a great combo on a hot day in the big easy. The beignets were served hot in a paper bag shaken up with icing sugar. Yum! I made sure to share a photo on Facebook and of course we had some jealous family members around the world! Don't worry, if you come visit, we will take you for a treat too!

This week is all about photos, so here are my faves from Cafe Du Monde:

Not the healthiest treat... but its all about portion control! So worth the calories and the killer workouts I will do this week to work it off!


LSU Baseball

On Friday night, we went to the LSU baseball game with friends. It was a great time. The weather was perfect, the food was delish, and I did not get hit by any foul balls... success! The end score was 10-2 LSU and there was a grand slam which was exciting. Here are some of my fave photos of the evening:

 I got a new LSU drinking cup to keep me hydrated this summer! I think it is very cute.

The score board says "grand slam"... you cannot see it, but trust me, it was exciting! B and I do our best to dress in LSU colors. My cardigan is not tiger gold but it is a great spin off the regular colors! The boys took a peek in the batting practice facilities. I think they were dreaming about resurrecting their college baseball careers. I cannot wait to go to another baseball game!



Gotta be quick today! We have visitors for the weekend with lots of fun things planned! I cannot wait to show you what we did next week. Here is a summary of my past week in photos:

1. At my part time job, I got paid to make "coral" out of random materials. What a fun job for a crafter! 2. Obsessed with SB iced coffee. I have also has a great Starbucks Experience recently that I should share soon. There is a reason I am willing to pay their price for coffee! 3. I cannot believe I have not shared my broccoli recipe yet! This is a staple in our house. Cut Broccoli into florets, steam 5 minutes, place in a casserole with chili pepper flakes and a tiny bit of grated cheese (anything you have will work but we prefer harder cheeses), bake in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. That's it! Its a great way to eat your vegetables and very healthy too! 4. It poured again this week. It came out of no where, rained for 20 minutes then it was done. My garden is thankful for the rain. I have an exciting update for next week!

5.  My rose bush in my backyard produces beautiful pink flowers. I am not a big rose fan but I like these! 6. I had the caramelized peach salad and mac n cheese bites this week at CPK. I love both so much! 7. I love a monochromatic look, here is a photo of the top of the basketball stadium at LSU blending into the sky. 8. I cannot forget our fave home cooked meal this week! Whole wheat gnocchi with basil pesto... so simple and quick! We has a salad on the side with blackberry balsamic vinegar. Wow. That is the best balsamic vinegar I have ever had! We are trying to savor it while it lasts.

Have a fun weekend!


Easter pizza

We like to keep things simple around here. Maybe to save on calories, money, or time. Or all three. For Easter, we decided on pizza. Why? Because its just the two of us and if we want pizza... we shall have pizza, don't worry it was gourmet!

I have been lusting over this pizza since I saw it last week and knew it would be delish!

It was simple, easy, and delicious. Everything I could ask for on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Early in the day I made the sauce out of EVOO, crushed garlic, and dried albanian sage. I also chopped and roasted the butternut squash in the oven and caramelized the onions. Later in the day, I made some of our go-to pizza crust (oops, forgot the chia seeds!), assembled the toppings + grated cheese and dinner was ready to cook. We decided to try something different and use the pizza stone on the BBQ. Although it tasted delicious, the bottom did get a bit crispy and we did have a fatality!

Our pizza stone cracked in half while on the BBQ. We did not hear it or even notice until the pizza was complete. It was very difficult to get off the grill but we were able to save the pizza. I guess my pizza stone will be going to stone heaven. Anyone know where I can get a new pizza stone that will work in the oven and on the BBQ?

See you tomorrow for InstaFriday then we have a busy weekend planned!



I am writing this post, while perched on my bed on a Tuesday night, where I have refused to move from for the past hour. Why? Well I knew one of these posts would be coming soon with the warm weather.

Here is why... post scream and post murder...

I was picking up my jeans that were on my closet floor when it ran out of my pants! I dropped them, jumped on the bed and screamed. B to the rescue... he stepped on it (gross!) then flushed it down the toilet... only after holding it up for a photo. Just close enough to scare me without dropping it on me. Roaches are gross!

I sprayed around the outside of the house last week for bugs but clearly someone made it through!

So today... You only get a bug photo and story. No more, no less.

Hopefully we will be back to our normal bugless programming tomorrow.



Dining room inspiration

It took me a while to find inspiration for my dining room. The walls are navy...  and I do not want to pain them. We have a beutiful old table but the top needs some TLC so I knew I needed a table cloth. We also needed curtains and chairs. We have a great metal wine rack and a built in china cabinet so we did not need to add much. But really... what do I do in a room with navy walls? Yellow and navy of course... with a touch of brown!

Pinterest is great for inspiration! Sometimes it just takes me a while to make a decision... and the decision has been made!

table cloth - curtains - chairs - navy paint

I  am very happy with how things are coming together. I have the table cloth and curtains from Target (I had a 50% off coupon for the curtains!) but still need to get the brown chairs to complete the room! I am thinking we may also need chair cushions but I am not sure what color I will get. World Market has a great selection so I may try there. I love the yellow table cloth with my white Sophie Conran dishes and Robert Welch silverware.
Hopefully I will get to take photos to post soon.


Vegetarian newlyweds

We may not be vegetarians but we are newlyweds. We also love our vegetarian meals in this house. I have a few amazing vegetarian cookbooks that I always refer to when meal planning. It is very healthy to have "meatless" meals a few days a week... it also helps the grocery bill since meat can be very expensive. One of my fave books that was given to me by my bestie is The Newlyweds' Vegetarian Cookbook.

When meal planning Friday night I knew this would make the perfect Easter morning breakfast. We loved poaches eggs so I knew this would be a hit!

poached eggs on spinach with yogurt & spiced butter
 ~ adapted from Newlyweds' Vegetarian Cookbook by myself and B
serves 2

3 garlic cloves, crushed
4 oz Greek yogurt
4 slices rustic bread
3T butter
1/2 t cumin
1/2 t chili pepper flakes
1/2 t salt
10 oz spinach
4 large eggs
1T apple cider vinegar

Preheat broiler. Boil water in large saucepan. Boil water in kettle. Mix together crushed garlic and Greek yogurt. Melt butter in frying pan with cumin, chili pepper flakes and salt on low. Toast bread under broiler. Wilt spinach in large boil with water from kettle. Add apple cider vinegar to boiling water in saucepan and turn down. Poach 4 eggs until desired consistency... I like mine very runny! Assemble on plates: bread, yogurt mix, wilted spinach, poached eggs, and butter sauce. Enjoy!



Hoppy Easter! We had a busy week. Doing what? I have no clue. The weeks seem to go by so quick lately!

Here's a quick summary of my week in pictures:
 1. I went to a free outdoor Yoglates class at our local Lululemon. It was wonderful to workout outside. We did tons of pushups and I was sore for days... always the sign of a great workout! 2. Don't you love these colors together? They are gift bags from Target that caught my eye. 3. This photo is actually quite coincidental. I was taking a photo of our wine, La Crema pinot noir (it is amazing by the way), and happened to include some corks from  some of our fave Canadian vineyards... Summerhill, Mission Hill, and Gray Monk. Can you spot each? 4. This was a flower one morning in my from yard. I love the vibrant purple.

5. How I keep myself organized when running errands. An orderly list, on a sticky, on my dash! 6. The other day I made a peanut butter and banana quesadilla. What a great combo and so simple to make. You should try it! 7. When it rains, it pours in Baton Rouge. It rained lots this past week but now everything is green and growing even more! It is supposed to be 27C and sunny for the next week! 8. Another SB morning date! We ordered the same thing as last week... why ruin a great thing? I loved my iced coffee!

We have another fun weekend planned of productivity, relaxing at home, and maybe a couple bike rides around the lake! Have a great Easter weekend!


Sewing: lounge chairs brought to life

What do you do when you have chairs that look like this?

These chairs have been through a lot. I purchased them about 5 years ago on sale at Urban Outfitters for $10 each. They have been through many rain storms, a couple snow storms, and the big move. Many outdoor meals and glasses of wine have been enjoyed on these chairs. I like their shape, they are very comfortable, and easy to move so I had to keep them. The faded green was very unpleasant in my mint green and charcoal sunroom but I knew my sewing machine and mad sewing skills could fix that problem.

The covers were easy to remove and measure to know how much fabric I needed. I found the beautiful outdoor striped outdoor canvas at Joanne Fabrics, then waited to use my 50% off coupon and 15% teacher's discount. I was easily able to trace out my pattern, pin everything in place, and put my sewing machine to work! They only took a couple hours to finish once I figured out what I was doing. The arms took a bit more planning as I had to cut off the old arms and find a way to sew on new ones after they were already on the chair. My crafty self figured out a way and sewed the joining seams 5 times over for extra reinforcement.

I decided to change up the direction of the stripes on the second chair for two reasons. First, I thought it would add some interest to basic chairs. Second, they fit on the fabric in the opposite direction which would give me extra fabric. I plan to use my extra fabric to make pillows that will sit on the chairs with the stripes running opposite to their paired chair.

This was probably the simplest reupholstry project ever completed but the result is so much better than what I was looking at last week!

My next craft project is based on this post. I have the window cleaned up and ready to go, I just need some supplies to hang it properly. 

Bodyrock update:
If you check my fitness page you will know I have still been kicking my own butt on a daily basis. Today's workout (50 x high knee skips, 10 x burpees, 10 x squats, 10 x straight abs) x6 was completed in 13:27.4. I also did the second part with reps of 24, 26, and 26 respectively.


These are a few of my...

favorite things!

Can't you just see me prancing around singing to The Sound of Music while I discover wonderful new things on Pinterest? What a great invention... but I have told you that before.

1. I love this tufted ottoman from Sow Kindness . I wish I could have it for my home! 2. I have been loving large clutches lately. I would really like one that fit all of my essentials and my iPad... clearly an essential. 3. I saw this pizza the other day and knew we needed to make it. Caramelized onion, roasted butternut squash and sage. What an amazing combo! I bet you will see a photo soon from my table! 4. You can  never have enough loafers! They go with everything and are soooo comfy! 5. I am half way through MWF seeking BFF and loving it! I am reading it on our iPad. So far it has convinced me I should join a book club... or get a job to find local friends! 6. Ultramarine blue and emerald green... love! Please find your way into my closet. 7. I wish I had a tabletop picnic bar in my backyard. What a great idea! 8. I had a dream last night that I owned this belt. Maybe we were meant to be together.

There are so many amazing finds on Pinterest. Go follow me and find some favorite things of your own!


A recipe to make again

The other day I was looking at the Whole Foods Louisiana Facebook page and discovered a recipe for Peruvian Style Roasted Chicken. I knew we had every ingredient for this recipe except for a bell pepper so I knew we would be making it soon. I also made some changes like adding an extra bell pepper and yellow onion, using boneless skinless chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken, and using apple cider vinegar instead as we did not have any white wine vinegar. We also used lemons from our neighbor's tree. 

It turned out perfectly. So much color! It was full of flavor, moist, and delicious. We served it with roasted sweet potatoes and a slice of bread!

Last night I made pasta salad for dinner. It had whole wheat shells, broccoli, tomatoes, olives and an amazing vinaigrette. It was delicious and disappeared so fast that I did not get a picture. Oops! Bad blogger moment...

Here a sneak peek of what I have been up to:

Chair reupholstery is going well! Actually better that expected so that is nice. I cannot wait to show you the finished product!

Have a great Tuesday!



This weekend was filled with some amazing and healthy food. My fave part of the weekend? Eating at the table with our beautiful new table cloth. This weekend featured some Canadian mussels from PEI. Did you  know they are sold at Whole Foods approx 50 hours after they are picked? They are also the best price I have ever seen... even better than Canadian prices (but that is to be expected). I payed $8.99 for 2lbs. They fed us for 3 meals so I would call that a great buy!

Mussels with saffron and tomatoes:
This recipe comes from an amazing cookbook I purchased at Costco called Cooking for Friends by Williams-Sonoma. It was a great investment and has so many ideas. They actually show 4 different recipes for mussels which I think is a great way to add new recipes to your repertoire. I had been wanting mussels all week and this recipe really came through.

5 cloves garlic
red pepper flakes, salt, pepper
fresh basil
1 1/2 c canned diced tomatoes
1/2 diced onion
1/2 c dry red wine
saffron threads
2lb mussels
crusty bread

Combine ingredients up to saffron threads in large sautee pan with lid. Let simmer until desired consistency and flavor. You can adjust your spices in your tomato sauce as desired. We are very go with the flow when it comes to tomato sauce and tend to use whatever we can find.
Add mussels, toss to combine, cover and cook on high for 5 minutes until all mussels have opened. 
Transfer to serving bowls with slotted spoon then ladle tomato sauce over mussels. Serve with crusty bread... and maybe some grated cheese... and a salad to add more veggies! Oh and don't forget the red wine!

Of course, we had leftovers so over dinner we decided to make mussel pizza the next day! We used the same tomato sauce, thickened with arrowroot powder, along with thinly sliced roma tomatoes, basil, and peppered goat cheese! I have the best recipe for pizza crust from E's mom... adjusted to include whole wheat flour and chia seeds of course! We also served ours with a salad for some extra veggies.

Pizza crust:
1 1/2 c whole wheat flour
1/2 c white flour
1/4 c chia seeds
1 packet quick yeast
 1/2t salt
1t sugar
1c water (at 120F)
1T oil

Mix together all dry ingredients. Heat water to 120F in microwave, add oil. Combine dry and wet ingredients. Mix in bowl until dough caves away from sides of bowl. Knead of floured surface a couple times. Let rest for 20 minutes to rise. Knead a couple more times then roll out to size of pizza pan (I always use a pre-heated pizza stone for mine). Add toppings. Bake in 350F oven for 15-20 minutes then enjoy!

If you are intimidated by making your own bread, please try this pizza crust recipe! I swear is it fool proof.  If I can make pizza crust from scratch, anyone can! Actually, I think this was my best crust yet. Want to know why? It is very important that you use hot water otherwise it will not activate the yeast and you will have a dense thin crust. You could also use this recipe to make foccacia and just cook it with sea salt and herbs on top!

I also saw a picture of french toast when meal planning on Saturday. I whipped some up using the recipe from The Complete Light Kitchen then made a blackberry sauce quickly on the stove since we do not have syrup. This was a great way to use up some older spelt sourdough we had in the fridge. Never go grocery shopping hungry... this is an easy way to fulfill that rule!

Want any other recipes like my blackberry sauce or salad dressing? Just let me know!

We had an excellent and productive weekend. I even have another recipe for you tomorrow! Yup, I really did cook this weekend.
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