I love food...  I also love to workout. I could not have one without the other. My husband is an amazing cook, my best friend is an amazing cook, and I just try to keep up with the two of them. I learned my health eating habits from my mother who did not encourage processed foods (thanks mom!) and portion control. I will share some of my favorite recipes with you, most healthy and some that are saved for special occasions. 

My typical day of eating looks like this:
Breakfast - a breakfast cookie
Snack - veggies or fruit
Lunch - a salad with some protein, cheese, and a small carbilicious treat
Dinner -  always protein, always veggies 

Some of my favorite restaurants include:
Original Joe's
The Chopped Leaf
Health Fare 

Some of my crazy eating habits include:

I do not drink pop or juice, I do not believe in drinking my calories (except milk and Starbucks lattes).

I do not eat meat that still has a bone attached to it... yes, I have never had a chicken wing.

I love gummie candies, but I did give them up for lent this year and was successful for 41 days! Gummie candies are my weakness. I cannot go to Bulk Barn without a list as I end up getting candy... lots of candy... I have no portion control when I am given a bag and a scoop. It is a serious addiction.

Although I live in Canada, there are some foods I love that I can only get in the USA. I am known to save space in my suitcase to bring back like Think Thin bars.

I have made personal choice to decrease the amount of carbs and dairy in my diet. I do eat carbs when I am out at a restaurant. Unprocessed diary products are difficult for me to digest, but I do love cheese and yogurt.

I love grocery shopping, I will go multiple times a week to have fresh ingredients. 

Here are my fave places to shop:
Italian Centre
H & W Produce
Strathcona Farmers' Market

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