Hoppy Easter! We had a busy week. Doing what? I have no clue. The weeks seem to go by so quick lately!

Here's a quick summary of my week in pictures:
 1. I went to a free outdoor Yoglates class at our local Lululemon. It was wonderful to workout outside. We did tons of pushups and I was sore for days... always the sign of a great workout! 2. Don't you love these colors together? They are gift bags from Target that caught my eye. 3. This photo is actually quite coincidental. I was taking a photo of our wine, La Crema pinot noir (it is amazing by the way), and happened to include some corks from  some of our fave Canadian vineyards... Summerhill, Mission Hill, and Gray Monk. Can you spot each? 4. This was a flower one morning in my from yard. I love the vibrant purple.

5. How I keep myself organized when running errands. An orderly list, on a sticky, on my dash! 6. The other day I made a peanut butter and banana quesadilla. What a great combo and so simple to make. You should try it! 7. When it rains, it pours in Baton Rouge. It rained lots this past week but now everything is green and growing even more! It is supposed to be 27C and sunny for the next week! 8. Another SB morning date! We ordered the same thing as last week... why ruin a great thing? I loved my iced coffee!

We have another fun weekend planned of productivity, relaxing at home, and maybe a couple bike rides around the lake! Have a great Easter weekend!

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