Garden update

It has been almost a month since I did a garden update. We have had a couple days of heavy rain and lots of sunshine so everything is growing like crazy... including the weeds! 

As you can see, everything is green and lush. The radishes will be ready to eat soon, I have some beans already, the carrots are growing, and the peas and peppers are flowering. The most exciting part of my garden is the tomatoes. I find new ones growing everyday! Some have outgrown their cages so I need to pick up some stakes to tie them to. Some of the plants are as tall as me! I have at least one tomato on every single plant so I imagine we will get a great variety to enjoy over the summer!
Right now I am trying to keep everything watered on the hot days and plan for what to do next. I imagine the first harvest will be radishes so I can plan something new there to harvest in the fall. We were contemplating sweet potatoes. It will be an experiment to see if they work but that is always the fun part!

Happy gardening!

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