LSU Baseball

On Friday night, we went to the LSU baseball game with friends. It was a great time. The weather was perfect, the food was delish, and I did not get hit by any foul balls... success! The end score was 10-2 LSU and there was a grand slam which was exciting. Here are some of my fave photos of the evening:

 I got a new LSU drinking cup to keep me hydrated this summer! I think it is very cute.

The score board says "grand slam"... you cannot see it, but trust me, it was exciting! B and I do our best to dress in LSU colors. My cardigan is not tiger gold but it is a great spin off the regular colors! The boys took a peek in the batting practice facilities. I think they were dreaming about resurrecting their college baseball careers. I cannot wait to go to another baseball game!

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