Garden update

Its been a couple weeks since my last garden update. After some work in the yard this weekend I realized I am about due to show you where things are at.

With the excess of rain and the hot temperatures, everything is growing like crazy. My largest tomato plant is over 2 feet tall, the radishes are growing like crazy, the lettuce and carrots are getting thicker, and my peas and beans are enjoying their new trellises to grow on.

In sad news, the rain got to my peppers and the pots are not draining. I am not exactly sure what to do with them at this point.
 Maybe with the warm weather this week it will dry them out enough for me to tip them up and make holes in the bottom with a hammer and nails. Any other thoughts?

Also, we have a wonderful back corner of our yard we like to call the lake. When it rains the entire area is under water. There is a great planter box back there with some great soil but we do not know what to plant that will be able to withstand being under water when it rains then lots of heat for weeks at a time. Any recommendations?

We have also planted some grass seed where grass had died. With the rain and hot weather, it is growing like crazy, is now longer than the grass and will need to be cut this week! Success! There are still areas that need extra seed to fill in some smaller patches but we are happy with the result thus far.

How the weather up north or in other areas of the world? 
I am loving the blue skies, birds chirping, and the smell of fresh cut grass.

The south and I are learning to become very good friends. Time to go outside relax while I plan some upcoming projects!

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  1. Your garden is incredible Chels. I'm lookin' forward to future pics.


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