I am writing this post, while perched on my bed on a Tuesday night, where I have refused to move from for the past hour. Why? Well I knew one of these posts would be coming soon with the warm weather.

Here is why... post scream and post murder...

I was picking up my jeans that were on my closet floor when it ran out of my pants! I dropped them, jumped on the bed and screamed. B to the rescue... he stepped on it (gross!) then flushed it down the toilet... only after holding it up for a photo. Just close enough to scare me without dropping it on me. Roaches are gross!

I sprayed around the outside of the house last week for bugs but clearly someone made it through!

So today... You only get a bug photo and story. No more, no less.

Hopefully we will be back to our normal bugless programming tomorrow.


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