Easter pizza

We like to keep things simple around here. Maybe to save on calories, money, or time. Or all three. For Easter, we decided on pizza. Why? Because its just the two of us and if we want pizza... we shall have pizza, don't worry it was gourmet!

I have been lusting over this pizza since I saw it last week and knew it would be delish!

It was simple, easy, and delicious. Everything I could ask for on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Early in the day I made the sauce out of EVOO, crushed garlic, and dried albanian sage. I also chopped and roasted the butternut squash in the oven and caramelized the onions. Later in the day, I made some of our go-to pizza crust (oops, forgot the chia seeds!), assembled the toppings + grated cheese and dinner was ready to cook. We decided to try something different and use the pizza stone on the BBQ. Although it tasted delicious, the bottom did get a bit crispy and we did have a fatality!

Our pizza stone cracked in half while on the BBQ. We did not hear it or even notice until the pizza was complete. It was very difficult to get off the grill but we were able to save the pizza. I guess my pizza stone will be going to stone heaven. Anyone know where I can get a new pizza stone that will work in the oven and on the BBQ?

See you tomorrow for InstaFriday then we have a busy weekend planned!

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