Sewing: lounge chairs brought to life

What do you do when you have chairs that look like this?

These chairs have been through a lot. I purchased them about 5 years ago on sale at Urban Outfitters for $10 each. They have been through many rain storms, a couple snow storms, and the big move. Many outdoor meals and glasses of wine have been enjoyed on these chairs. I like their shape, they are very comfortable, and easy to move so I had to keep them. The faded green was very unpleasant in my mint green and charcoal sunroom but I knew my sewing machine and mad sewing skills could fix that problem.

The covers were easy to remove and measure to know how much fabric I needed. I found the beautiful outdoor striped outdoor canvas at Joanne Fabrics, then waited to use my 50% off coupon and 15% teacher's discount. I was easily able to trace out my pattern, pin everything in place, and put my sewing machine to work! They only took a couple hours to finish once I figured out what I was doing. The arms took a bit more planning as I had to cut off the old arms and find a way to sew on new ones after they were already on the chair. My crafty self figured out a way and sewed the joining seams 5 times over for extra reinforcement.

I decided to change up the direction of the stripes on the second chair for two reasons. First, I thought it would add some interest to basic chairs. Second, they fit on the fabric in the opposite direction which would give me extra fabric. I plan to use my extra fabric to make pillows that will sit on the chairs with the stripes running opposite to their paired chair.

This was probably the simplest reupholstry project ever completed but the result is so much better than what I was looking at last week!

My next craft project is based on this post. I have the window cleaned up and ready to go, I just need some supplies to hang it properly. 

Bodyrock update:
If you check my fitness page you will know I have still been kicking my own butt on a daily basis. Today's workout (50 x high knee skips, 10 x burpees, 10 x squats, 10 x straight abs) x6 was completed in 13:27.4. I also did the second part with reps of 24, 26, and 26 respectively.

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