These are a few of my...

favorite things!

Can't you just see me prancing around singing to The Sound of Music while I discover wonderful new things on Pinterest? What a great invention... but I have told you that before.

1. I love this tufted ottoman from Sow Kindness . I wish I could have it for my home! 2. I have been loving large clutches lately. I would really like one that fit all of my essentials and my iPad... clearly an essential. 3. I saw this pizza the other day and knew we needed to make it. Caramelized onion, roasted butternut squash and sage. What an amazing combo! I bet you will see a photo soon from my table! 4. You can  never have enough loafers! They go with everything and are soooo comfy! 5. I am half way through MWF seeking BFF and loving it! I am reading it on our iPad. So far it has convinced me I should join a book club... or get a job to find local friends! 6. Ultramarine blue and emerald green... love! Please find your way into my closet. 7. I wish I had a tabletop picnic bar in my backyard. What a great idea! 8. I had a dream last night that I owned this belt. Maybe we were meant to be together.

There are so many amazing finds on Pinterest. Go follow me and find some favorite things of your own!

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