Cafe Du Monde...

We were in New Orleans on the weekend (more about that tomorrow!) and we made it to Cafe Du Monde. It was packed but worth the short wait! We got it line to get our treat as take out but one of the serving staff actually took our order and brought us food so we did not have to wait as long. I had an iced cafe au lait and an order of beignets! Wow. They were both amazing... a great combo on a hot day in the big easy. The beignets were served hot in a paper bag shaken up with icing sugar. Yum! I made sure to share a photo on Facebook and of course we had some jealous family members around the world! Don't worry, if you come visit, we will take you for a treat too!

This week is all about photos, so here are my faves from Cafe Du Monde:

Not the healthiest treat... but its all about portion control! So worth the calories and the killer workouts I will do this week to work it off!

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