This week was filled with exercise, a day at the university, yummy meals, and some relaxation. I see a trend. I think I did the same things last week! Maybe I will have to switch it up sometime soon.

1. Went to SB this week... of course. They made me a trenta iced coffee instead of a venti... I was very productive and bouncing off the walls all day. I kinda liked it. 2. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers... rather than rush everywhere. This perfect white bloom caught my eye. 3. Have you ever read Southern Living magazine. We have a subscription. I am obsessed with the home decor and amazing recipes.  4. Another shot from the ball game last week! Hopefully we get to go to another game soon.

5. I made foccacia for our company on the weekend. It rose better than it ever has and turned out really nice with oregano on top! Yum! BTW - I use the exact same recipe as our pizza crust.  6. B at the ball game looking at memorabilia.  7. Me... eating chips and drinking wine... outdoors... I love alfresco dining. 8. Alex Box Stadium... see you again soon!

9. With my creativity this week I look leftover chicken sausages and 3 different veggies from the fridge, made a casserole, and topped it with homemade bread crumbs and cheese. It was delish and a great way to use up food. 10. I got a gift in the mail from SB this week! Thanks for the free drink, we plan to use it this weekend! 11. Alfresco chips and wine. The weather has been amazing lately! 12. Here are some tomatoes from my garden. I plan to do a garden update on Monday! It has grown tons compared to my last post.

Have an amazing weekend! We have some trips to plan and yard work to do.

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