I feel like I repeat myself every week! This week went by so fast! I worked abit, I worked out (except Thursday when I just was not into any workout... and that was okay because it was just one day...one rest day... and today I kicked my own butt). We also discovered a new obsession... Annie's Organic cheese pizza... on sale + a $2 off coupon at Whole Foods! I will be stocking up.

1. Straight hair in the south? Me? We had a 4 day reunion last week. It took some effort but it was wonderful. 2. Morning metabolism booster. Pineapple juice + me = love. 3. When you are having a bad day some SB iced coffee makes everything better. Oh! I discovered a way to make my own iced coffee with a bunch of SB Via instant coffee packages from the pantry, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and a little bit of stevia. Yum! And very affordable. I may even buy myself a SB iced tumbler so I feel like I paid lots of money for my homemade goodness. 4. My tomatoes are ripening! I cannot wait to have a tomato salad soon!

5. I discovered Justin's almond chocolate bar. What an amazing piece of goodness... in moderation of course. 6. My peas are growing! 7. We got our XM radio running this week. We have survived 4 months without cable tv. This is just another reason we will not be purchasing cable anytime soon. I love Cosmo Radio in the morning with Tay and the afternoon with Patrick. Did you know B and I bonded over satellite radio when we first met? We quickly discovered it was something we both could not live without. We both may like different stations but we both love that we have no desire to get cable tv. 8. MMM muffins! I made chocolate chip banana muffins this week and they are delish... and healthy! You know what drives me nuts? the fact that coffee shops find it necessary to sell muffins that are over 400 cals. Seriously? Healthy muffins are just so easy to make.

Happy Friday! We do not have anything planned this weekend so I imagine it will involve a bike ride, some yardwork, cleaning, laundry, and healthy food. Oh and I want to buy a case of strawberries at our local produce market this weekend to make dehydrated strawberries. I'll let you know how that goes.

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