purple scrubs

I had to order purple scrubs this weekend. Not any color of purple, LSU purple, of course. Do you know what this means? No, I don't wear scrubs for fun. I was offered a position at a research center I have wanted to work at since we moved here almost 2 years ago! I am more than excited about the opportunity and everything that may come along with this. 
Personally, I love deciding on new outfits, so wearing purple scrubs for work seems kind of boring. I did my research and know I want order Grey's Anatomy scrubs but accessorizing is going to be my new challenge!

I wonder how many different ways I will be able to accessorize this new look? Anyone have any ideas for me?



This week was a good week. B got home from Denmark (of course I would not tell you be was gone), I received a couple bits of exciting news (which I will share next week), and I felt very productive (outside of catching a cold which is almost gone - I think I sweat it out in Zumba)! Here's a few snippets of my week:

1. Target got new baskets. They are ergonomically correct and complete me. Just Another reason I love target!
2. I found microwaveable packs of grains at Target too! I used to buy something similar in Canada but I had not seen the same product in the US. I got brown rice, multigrain quinoa, and farro! These are so easy to integrate into a weekday meal of baked fish and steamed broccoli! I think that will be on our menu for next week.
3. It's magainze day!
4. I have been hoarding candy cane lane tea from last winter. This box is close to being empty then I need to purchase more when it arrives in store. I love this tea on a cool evening.

5. I am obsessed with my new cactus!

6. Just a quick work outfit... new red loafers ($20 at target), a pencil skirt (which is too big on me), and a chambray shirt.

7. I have been working on some OT continuing education courses. It's nice to make a connection back to the OT world!

8. Margarita Thursday. Enough said.

Have a great weekend! Mine will be spent hanging out with B, doing homework, studying, working on my thesis, and watching some football.




This semester has been busy. Yes, I know I have said that many times. Sometimes, by the end of the week blogging gets put aside for school work... or a nap. Instead of a recipe or other inspiration, Thursdays may vary between nothing and something I saw online. Or maybe not. It really depends on the week.

Since Grey's Anatomy starts tonight, I thought this quote is very appropriate to share with you today. Don't be ordinary, be extraordinary.



raw zucchini lasagna

Never question Martha Stewart. She knows what she is talking about.  Take this recipe for example.
 I love raw recipes because they are quick, simple and delicious! Seriously. Sometimes I don't want to cook. I just want to eat the deliciousness that I plan to put on my plate. This was one of those recipes. I found this recipe on Pinterest but had to make a few adjustments. No farmer's cheese? Just use ricotta. I also could not find basil so I decided to add some pesto to the cheese.

This would make a great appetizer for guests who are leery about raw or vegetarian meals. For me, it's perfect for a weeknight meal. Because when I get home late, who wants to spend the next hour cooking? Not me!

2 zucchini, sliced thin into rounds or strips
2 tomatoes, sliced thin
1c part skim ricotta cheese
1.5T basil pesto

Mix together ricotta and pesto. Layer: zucchini, cheese, tomato, zucchini, cheese, tomato, zucchini. Arrange on plate and sprinkle with freshly ground pepper.


plant upgrade

My two potted plants (yes, I only have 2 right now) got hit hard this summer. One was dried out and deceased.... the other was filled with weeds (I have no clue since we live on the 3rd floor) and had outgrown its pot. Actually it was just looking really ugly. I have been wanting to stop by Clegg's Nursery for a while. On Sunday, I decided to stop in while running errands. The selection was amazing and I was able to find exactly what I was looking for: 2 new plants and some potting soil.

Crosby's Prolific aloe

english lavender

I also drank a cafe misto on Sunday. On the first day of fall we had a cold front come through! It was 21C, breezy & beautiful!


portobello eggs

I love mushrooms and eggs. I also love when weeknight meals are quick and delicious. We have been making avocado eggs for a while but this week I decided that a portobello mushroom would make a great egg vessel.

2 portobello mushroom caps, stems removed
drizzle evoo
2 eggs
2T grated parmesan

Preheat oven to 350F. Drizzle mushrooms with evoo and sprinkle with pepper. Carefully crack egg into hole. Sprinkle with oregano and top with parmesan. Bake in oven for 12-15 minutes. I like my yolk runny so I tend to cook mine for less time... this time it was not very runny (I got distracted) but it was still delicious! Enjoy!



Good morning and happy Friday! It's been a busy week but I got a lot done so every moment was worth it. Almost everything I accomplished was school related... it's the name of the game these days. Here's what I have been up to this week:

1. I love when the weekend starts with a margarita. There should be laws to ensure this happens more often.

2. Brussel sprouts + blue cheese = heaven in a bowl.

3. I had leftover broccoli slaw pasta all week, it was delicious. You need to make it sometime.

4. All of my smoothies this week included 1/4 of an avocado. Avocado + blueberries are a great combo.

5. Did I mention avocado also goes well with mango, pineapple, and spinach?

6. I baked an egg in a portobello mushroom. Check back for the recipe on Monday!

7. "Swimming lessons" in Pilates this week... we focused on posterior chain exercises... you know, those core muscles we tend to neglect.

8. iOS 7.0 I am so scared of you. I heard the new apple operating system is great but has some glitches. Hopefully they will be fixed by next week!

Have a great weekend! This weekend I want to focus on writing part of my thesis, completing the first section of a paper for class, and planning another paper. I may also need to find time to make a few new recipes, relax at the pool (even though they claim a cold front is coming through on Saturday), and do some shopping.



dream big

I've had a busy but productive past few weeks. I have been busy working on my thesis which is getting closer to being complete everyday! 
Although I love to give you recipes, sometimes you just need a reminder that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to! 
Time to get back to work!


green smoothie #55

I really have no clue how many green smoothie recipes I have posted. It feels like 55... really the number is irrelevant. What is not irrelevant is my smoothie obsession. It goes in phases. I do have a smoothie every day... but the ingredients change based on what I purchased or what is in the fridge. Here is what I have been drinking this past week:

makes 1 smoothie

1/2c spinach
1T ground flax
1/4 avocado
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
1c frozen diced mango and pineapple

Blend in Nutribullet and enjoy!


chocolate chip chipotle salt cookies

Some days you just want a cookie. Luckily, I know lots of people who love cookies so I do not need to eat everything I make. I did not have any butter at room temp... but we live in Louisiana... so I just put it outside and in 30 minutes I was ready to bake! I made some modifications from a recipe I pinned a while back and added some sea salt that I received as a gift from a colleague a couple years ago.

3/4c butter, at room temperature
3/4c brown sugar
1/4c granulated sugar
1 large egg
1T Mexican vanilla
1c whole wheat flour
1c all purpose flour
2t cornstarch
1t baking soda
1/2t salt
3/4c mini chocolate chips
chocolate chipotle sea salt

In a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, beat butter and sugars until light and fluffy. Add egg and vanilla. Mix until combined. In a different bowl combine flours, cornstarch, baking soda, and salt. Combine wet and dry ingredients and mix until combined, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed. Stir in chocolate chips. Refrigerate dough for 3 hours. Preheat oven to 350F. Drop balls of dough on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle with sea salt. Bake for 8-9 minutes. Let cool on cookie sheet then transfer to cooling rack. Share with others and enjoy!


broccoli slaw "pasta" with tomato, mushroom, and leek pesto sauce

Wow, that was a mouthful! Luckily, it tastes as delicious as it sounds. I love finding new ways to add veggies to our diet. I thought broccoli slaw would make a great pasta replacement... and I was right!

1 bag broccoli slaw
1c cherry tomatoes, cut in half
1c sliced mushrooms
1c sliced leeks
1T evoo
2T basil pesto

Sautee leeks and mushrooms in evoo. Add pesto and tomatoes, mix and remove from heat. In a large pot with a steam basket, steam broccoli slaw for 3-4 minutes. Strain. Top broccoli slaw with sauteed vegetables and serve immediately. You can even top it with some grated cheese!



Happy Friday! It's been a busy week so it is nice to have a break for a couple days. As of 9:20 this morning it's officially my weekend and I plan to take full advantage of sleepy mornings, poolside afternoons and relaxing evenings. I have some work to get done but that will not take up my whole weekend. Here are a few of my fave moments this week:

1. Just working on my thesis graphics... getting closer to being done!

2. We had a work meeting to discuss the fall line. It was also our manager's last meeting so we celebrated her with cake and flowers! We will miss her.

3. Avocado eggs... our fave! If you have not tried these, make it happen this weekend!

4. A quick date last night. We were meeting B's students but got to have a snack in the bar by ourselves first.

Have an amazing weekend!



whole wheat pumpkin muffins

It's officially the season where I do not need to hide my pumpkin obsession! I try to always have homemade muffins on hand for a healthy snack. This week's variety was pumpkin... of course! I made my fave recipe healthier and made a couple small changes.

1 1/4c whole wheat flour
3/4c sugar
1t baking soda
2t pumpkin pie spice
1t Mexican cinnamon
1/2t all spice
1/2t cloves
1/4t salt
2T vegetable oil
5T egg whites
1 1/2t Mexican vanilla
1 1/2c pumpkin puree

Preheat oven to 350.
Combine flour, sugar, baking soda, spices and salt in a bowl.
With an electric mixer, combine oil, egg, vanilla, and pumpkin puree. Slowly add in flour mixture and mix until combined. Do not over mix.
Divide evenly in muffin pan lined with parchment cups.
Bake for 20-25 minutes.


rigatoni with chorizo & leeks

I made a similar version of this recipe a few months ago. When I saw the photo on Pinterest a few days ago, I needed to have it again. We bought a ton of leeks recently so I modified the recipe to use what we had at home.

1 box whole grain rigatoni
1 1/2lb bulk chorizo sausage
2c leeks, sliced
16oz mushrooms, sliced
1 green pepper, diced
2T Italian herb mix

Prepare rigatoni as per instructions on box.
In a skillet, cook chorizo. Drain any fat that may have accumulated. Set aside.
In another skillet, sautee leeks, green pepper and mushrooms with a small amount of evoo and herbs.
Combine everything in a large bowl and mix together. The spices from the chorizo create a delicious sauce with the herbs on the vegetables. 
Enjoy as it or with a small amount of freshly grated parmesan.


obsessed with: glasses

I have worn reading glasses for years. I love how glasses change the look of an outfit. I also love how many different styles of glasses are out there! Here are some of my faves right now. I want them all!

I really think I need to purchase the champagne bookclub glasses from Madewell. They are so beautiful and so different from any of the glasses I currently own.


shepard's pie

I used to think I did not like Shepard's Pie. I was wrong. I only like it when its homemade. But that is true for many things. B requested shepard's pie for a weekend meal that would provide leftovers for the week. I did some "research" on Pinterest and when I saw the recipe on Skinnytaste I knew I found a winner. When don't I love her recipes? I made a few adjustments based on ingredients we had at home but it is quite similar!


2lb small red potatoes, peeled & diced
1/2c plain greek yogurt
3/4c vegetable broth
pepper & paprika
1lb extra lean ground beef
salt & pepper
1T evoo
rosemary, oregano & herbs de provence
1 yellow onion, diced
4 cloves garlic, minced
2c sliced leeks, washed and dried
1c chopped celery
8oz chopped mushrooms
2T whole wheat flour
2c frozen mixed vegetables (1c mixed + 1 c peas)
3/4 vegetable broth
1/4c red wine
2T tomato paste
1T Worcestershire sauce

Boil potatoes until soft. Drain and mash with greek yogurt, broth and pepper.

Preheat oven to 400.

In a frying pan, brown meat. season with salt and pepper. When cooked, drain fat and set aside. 

In a large pot (we use our Staub), add oil, onion, garlic, herbs and sautee. Add leeks, celery and mushrooms, sautee for an addition 3-4 minutes. Add flour, salt and pepper and mix well. Add frozen vegetables, broth, red wine, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce and browned meat. Mix well. Let simmer on low for 10 minutes. 

Spray a baking dish with cooking spray. Add meat mixture and spread evenly. Add mashed potatoes, smooth with spatula then sprinkle with paprika. Bake for 25 minutes until potatoes start to brown. Let rest 5 minutes then serve.



Happy Friday! Tomorrow is LSU's first home football game of the year so campus is already busy today. We are not going to the game but will probably end up going out to watch it. Here's a few highlights of the past week:
1. We bought new pillows at Macy's Labor Day sale. They are amazing!
2. I wore my Riders shirt last Saturday for the game. I saw my aunt post family photos of everyone in their game day gear on Facebook so I thought I would reciprocate.
3. It is officially the season where is it acceptable to put pumpkin in everything! I have had some in my morning smoothie almost everyday!
4. In class we are learning to use MatLAB. My data set turned out as a spider when plotted. Always fun to learn new skills.
This weekend shall be filled with homework, organization, football & relaxation. Have a good one!


blueberry balsamic reduction + pizza

Sometimes you just need to get creative with random food in your fridge. For example, what on earth do you do with 1 cup of defrosted blueberry/strawberries? Make a reduction, of course!

blueberry balsamic reduction

1 c mixed berries, defrosted and strained
2T lemon juice
1/4c balsamic vinegar
1/2c evoo
3/4t dry mustard
salt & pepper

Combine all ingredients in your Nutribullet (yes, I use mine for everything, you can just use a regular blender) and blend until smooth. You can then serve as is (it would make an amazing salad dressing)... or cook over low heat to thicken and reduce. 

I served mine as a drizzle on pizza! We used whole wheat naan bread (for convenience), mammoth cheddar, roasted broccoli, and proscuitto!


red zeppelin pizza

I have some exciting news. We finally found some amazing pizza in Baton Rouge! We have been driving past this pizza place but never stopped to try it. On Friday night we were going out for dinner with friends from the Faculty Club after happy hour and someone recommended Red Zeppelin Pizza. We were able to get a table for 7 on the patio, ordered drinks and shared 3 pizzas.

Margaritas were on special for $4... I ordered mango! My favorite pizza was the Bou-Ray (not pictured) with alligator, boudin, tasso ham, red onion & jalapeno. We also had It's All Greek to Me as well as a pizza that was 1/2 Veggie Ya-Ya and 1/2 The Mothership. Honestly, I loved every since choice.
Thank goodness we finally found a quality pizza place with great topping choices... it was missing in our lives.


obsessed with: knitting

Since I do not have much going on at school yet, I spent my long weekend working on a knitting project I have been neglecting for years: cream colored Christmas stockings. I love how therapeutic knitting can be... and secretly it is a good diet strategy since I cannot snack and knit at the same time. After this project I complete I have a couple other projects on my radar:

I am obsessed with all three. I don't know if I will ever get to make any of these since school will be filling my free time by next week. Maybe at Christmas...


fall semester

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying your day off. I am spending my day getting organized for the fall semester, relaxing, and checking things off my to-do list!

This semester I am taking 2 classes (motor control & EMG seminar) as well as thesis hours so I can complete and defend my thesis before Christmas! Both of my classes have a midterm and final exam, a short paper, presentation, and a project. We have only had one week of classes so we have not covered any material yet. This coming week should be filled with more content.

Other things I want to do this fall:
make new pumpkin recipes: smoothies, muffins & protein balls
finish ordering all of our Christmas gifts before US Thanksgiving... I already have a list of ideas!
finish the stockings I have been knitting

Did I miss anything important that I need to do this fall?
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