Calamari tacos

When I saw this link on the Whole Foods Facebook page last week, I knew we should have fish tacos very soon! When we got to WF on Sunday, there were so many great options for white fish in the seafood case. I knew we would not be having halibut because it was twice the price of others so cod was our next option. We looked a bit further and there was a killer sale on squid! I love the tentacles... actually calamari in general... so we quickly changed our menu to calamari tacos. 

 We marinated the squid in salt, pepper, and old bay seasoning. After steaming it in lemon juice and warming the corn tortillas in the oven, everything was ready to assemble. I love my tacos with tomatoes, cheese, green onion, and salsa verde. B also adds lemon juice and plain yogurt. Oh and don't forget the white wine!

These tacos my be my new obsession. They were so simple and flavorful! I am salivating while looking at the photos. While making them we talked about ways to take advantage of the cheap squid and make baked panko crusted calamari! Hopefully we get more squid soon!

Bon appetit!

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