This week was a good week. B got home from Denmark (of course I would not tell you be was gone), I received a couple bits of exciting news (which I will share next week), and I felt very productive (outside of catching a cold which is almost gone - I think I sweat it out in Zumba)! Here's a few snippets of my week:

1. Target got new baskets. They are ergonomically correct and complete me. Just Another reason I love target!
2. I found microwaveable packs of grains at Target too! I used to buy something similar in Canada but I had not seen the same product in the US. I got brown rice, multigrain quinoa, and farro! These are so easy to integrate into a weekday meal of baked fish and steamed broccoli! I think that will be on our menu for next week.
3. It's magainze day!
4. I have been hoarding candy cane lane tea from last winter. This box is close to being empty then I need to purchase more when it arrives in store. I love this tea on a cool evening.

5. I am obsessed with my new cactus!

6. Just a quick work outfit... new red loafers ($20 at target), a pencil skirt (which is too big on me), and a chambray shirt.

7. I have been working on some OT continuing education courses. It's nice to make a connection back to the OT world!

8. Margarita Thursday. Enough said.

Have a great weekend! Mine will be spent hanging out with B, doing homework, studying, working on my thesis, and watching some football.


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