Happy Friday! Tomorrow is LSU's first home football game of the year so campus is already busy today. We are not going to the game but will probably end up going out to watch it. Here's a few highlights of the past week:
1. We bought new pillows at Macy's Labor Day sale. They are amazing!
2. I wore my Riders shirt last Saturday for the game. I saw my aunt post family photos of everyone in their game day gear on Facebook so I thought I would reciprocate.
3. It is officially the season where is it acceptable to put pumpkin in everything! I have had some in my morning smoothie almost everyday!
4. In class we are learning to use MatLAB. My data set turned out as a spider when plotted. Always fun to learn new skills.
This weekend shall be filled with homework, organization, football & relaxation. Have a good one!

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