Happy Friday! It's been a busy week so it is nice to have a break for a couple days. As of 9:20 this morning it's officially my weekend and I plan to take full advantage of sleepy mornings, poolside afternoons and relaxing evenings. I have some work to get done but that will not take up my whole weekend. Here are a few of my fave moments this week:

1. Just working on my thesis graphics... getting closer to being done!

2. We had a work meeting to discuss the fall line. It was also our manager's last meeting so we celebrated her with cake and flowers! We will miss her.

3. Avocado eggs... our fave! If you have not tried these, make it happen this weekend!

4. A quick date last night. We were meeting B's students but got to have a snack in the bar by ourselves first.

Have an amazing weekend!


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