Good morning! Today is a great morning. Fall semester is officially completed for me! Exams are done, my to-do list is dwindling, and I am ready for vacation time! Although I was busy studying all week and did not have time to post, I'm back in action today. You'd rather me do good in school than blog about food, right? I did not think I had any instas for you this week but I was wrong! Here are a few snippets from my week:

1. We went to an auction at the faculty club last week. The guest auctioneer was the LSU women's basketball coach who did an amazing job. Since all the items were donated we raised over $7000 for the foodbank!

2. What's in your fridge? So many veggies, delicious eggs, and other decliciousness for food I made this week but have not told you about this week.

3. How can you tell it was finals week? I spent my time last weekend making satsuma marmalade and 15 dozen sandies to give away as gifts! I promise I am much more productive with my studying when I bake.

4. I also got our Christmas stamps sent out this week! The global stamps this year are so cute!

Have a great weeknd! I will be spending mine getting organized for Christmas vacation then we head to New Orelans for a 3 day vacation on Sunday!


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