InstaFriday, I have missed you! If you do not follow me on instagram, here some some instas you have missed because I have not posted in so long. See # 7 for the reason why:

1. My new hot pink Lululemon wunder under crops. You can see me from a mile away with these! Thanks mom!
2. A melted cheddar and homemade satsuma marmalade quesadilla. Yum, sweet & salty.
3. Christmas decor at Town Center, now all we need is some snow. Yeah right!
4. I bought a snack box at the bookstore. It was just like the snack boxes you get in first class on United, not like I really remember those since it has been so long since we have had a first class upgrade. Lame. But the snack box was delish.
5. Bribing myself to study with a mint hot chocolate.
6. My new rainboots I ordered for Europe! So cute and so comfy!
7. The 130 papers I had to grade last week. It was an interesting experience. Lots of feedback for those...
8. Satsumas! This is just a small fraction of what we picked this year.
9. A great Starbucks promo! Buy 5 Christmas drinks and get 1 free!
10. B thinks I may be half French and half Mexican. I really wanted some blue cheese. The only vessel we had at home was corn tortillas. It worked!
11. Chipote. I love thee.
12. The amazing Christmas tree at Perkins Rowe. Next year, your Christmas photos will be here I hope!

Have a great weekend! Today we travel from Dusseldorf to Koln by train!

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