Am I finally posting our Thanksgiving photos? I guess so! I told you I was behind. Better late than never. On thanksgiving morning we went for a walk around the lake because it was such a beautiful day. Check out some of the photos I took:

This was my warmest Thanksgiving to date. It was +25C and I was loving life! There was tons of cranes in the lake on their trip south. Wait, we are in the south. So is this were the Canadian birds go for the winter?
Also, check out those turtles! I had to be very quiet and sneaky to get that photo! I love that the turtles suntan everyday along the lake.

For our friends and family up north, yes that is green grass and leaves. Just in case you forgot what it looked like!

We are still in Europe, today we fly from Lancaster, England to Dusseldorf, Germany. Tonight, we plan to go out for a nice dinner and check out the Christmas market. Although when you will be reading this, it will already be tonight for us! Hopefully next week I will have the opportunity to recap England!

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