Weekly meal planning

What's for dinner this week? We have a typical week planned... work, school, and lots of productivity. We did all of our grocery shopping on Sunday for all meals up to Friday at lunch! This allows for less distractions (excuses) from my studies and less stressing (distractions) about what to eat at the end of a busy day (and most likely for lunch the next day)!

Sunday - sausages, roasted broccoli, and wild rice with balsamic mushrooms (from current MSL)
Monday - leftovers at univeristy
Tuesday - taco salad
Wednesday - tilapia tacos
Thursday - Walk Ons (I plan to have a gator wrap with broccoli)
Friday - TBD
Saturday - most likely fresh seafood from Whole Foods (I like to buy my seafood the day we eat it!)

We are looking to have a healthy week of lean protein, lots of veggies, and Mexican inspired weekday food. Can you tell I did my Zumba certification this weekend? Latin music puts me in the food for fish tacos.

For breakfast we plan to have protein shakes, juice, or breakfast cookies. Lunches include the usual of leftovers, salads, and wraps. Snacks are veggies and hummus, protein bars, or baked oatmeal.

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