The weeks just keep getting busier. I was very productive with my research this week. Know what that means? I need to do more reading this weekend... not sure when as I will be going to Texas for Zumba instructor training! I will have to find the time.

Here's a recap of some of the small things that made my week complete:
1. Pumpkin scones... we share to help with portion control but they are delicious! 2. We made homemade orange juice.  It was amazing. I am usually not into OJ but I liked this as it had no pulp. 3. Tickets to the LSU football game from last weekend. 4. A comfy outfit of lulus and a grey t. Somedays, comfort is key.

5. A date on Sunday while running errands. We had soup and salads at the bar at Red Lobster. 6. Is it sad that I get excited when B's colleagues go out of town so we can have Whole Foods pizza on Thursday? Also delish. We had portobello mushrooms, tri-colored peppers, and prosciutto. 7. We are obsessed with Bin 77. If you get there before 7pm you can get flatbreads for $7. We don't like to eat late so it is a perfect date location for us. 8. Martha Stewart Living came in the mail this week. There was a recipe for wild rice with balsamic mushrooms that I need to make next week!

Have a great weekend. After I teach, we are off to Texas! I promise to bring some reading I need to get done.

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