Zumba in Beaumont

This past weekend we made the trip to Beaumont, TX for my Zumba instructor training. Here's a recap of my weekend in instagram photos!

1. When we pass this bridge, you know we are heading west! 
2. You would be surprised/ shocked and the number of adult superstores in the I10 between Baton Rouge and Houston. I find it very creepy... but still requires a photo. 
3. Did we secretly go to Florida for the weekend? 
4. At lunch, half way though my 8 hour day of Zumba training. Looked exhausted... but having a great time. 
5. With my Zumba instructor, Julie Kelly. This woman was amazing. Has 7 kids and 2 grandchildren, abs of steel, and dance moves like a girl who did not grow up in Texas! Thanks for a great training session, Julie! 
6. Have you heard of Spec's? Its a Texas based wine shop that was huge! Everything is bigger in Texas! 
7. Did you know we moved to a city with no Dairy Queen? When we saw an old school DQ we knew we had to stop for a blizzard. 
8. Hey Marriott... get new television... your tube TV does dot work with digital cable... B tried to watch sports but could barely see the score. Cataracts anyone? 
9. We laugh every time we drive past this exit. If you are related to us you probably know why!

On Friday night we went to New York Pizza & Pasta. Italian in Texas, why not? It was delicious, cheap, and filling. My baked ziti was $7.95 and fed me for three meals! This place seemed like a Friday night meeting spot for all the locals.

On Saturday, we went to Chaba Thai Cuisine. Thai food in Texas, why not? This place was very highly rated on Urban Spoon. It was small but the service was excellent. We shared the egg rolls, fried rice kee mao and pad thai. We used to have a great Thai restaurant we would go to in Edmonton so it was nice to enjoy it again. The food was amazing and the price was even better. Our entire meal, once again, cost $30! One thing is not bigger in Texas... the prices!

We really enjoyed our trip to Beaumont minus the hotel. Listen to this: terrible internet, uncomfortable beds, the blurriest TV I have ever looked at, and they tried to charge us twice for the same room because we had two names on the reservation. Seriously? Marriott, we expected better from you. I think our boycott is back!

On a good note, here is our sunrise from Saturday morning!

P.S. Officially certified to teach Zumba!

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