Happy Friday! How was your week? Here are a few highlights from mine:

1. We went out for dinner and to watch the Olympics last weekend. It was perfect! I love the Olympics and wine so it was a perfect match!

2. I passed the OTR exam! I wrote the exam on Saturday morning and got the unofficial results back yesterday. I was so excited that I passed it on the first try. What a relief. I celebrated by going to spin class.

3. We made a kale ceasar salad this week. It is our new fave way to eat kale. You should try it sometime.

4. I have been cheering on Canada for the past 2 weeks. We have had some intense moments but it has been so fun to watch! I'll be sad when the games are over.

Have a great weekend. Mine will involve going to a pilates class, knitting, and relaxing at home. Hopefully the weather continues to be nice so we can spend some time outside.

1 comment:

  1. Gonna have to try that kale ceaser salad!! Thanks for sharing!


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