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Today's post is a special one. Sometimes whens someone asks me about something, rather than email them 10 links and pictures, its easier to share here. B's aunt liked my gallery wall. She wants to make one of her own so I thought I would repost the link of my how-to plus a bunch of inspiration photos I have collected.

Here is my how-to post. The most important thing is to plan it out. I used old paper grocery bags as templates. After laying out all of the frames on the floor I taped the paper templates to the wall while measuring for consistent spacing and using a level. The paper templates had a mark for every nail hole which also made it easy to get the frame in exactly the right place. 

I wanted my gallery wall to look more uniform so I used black frames with white matting. All of the art we hung is from trips around the world. We seem to be attracted to art in consistent colors so it helped with the uniform look.

Here is a bunch of inspiration photos I have collected. Some are uniform, some are more eclectic. The look you are going for will determine the pieces you choose to group together as well as the types of frames you could use.

I have also found some layouts in case you are feel a little less creative. Sometimes its just easier to have sometime tell you what to do... you just have to hope it fits with your art.

I hope this helps! I wish I was there to help with such a fun project!

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