gallery wall

It was a productive weekend, I finally completed a big task on my to-do list... the gallery wall. Based on my research this is a multi step task so it took me a while to complete. 

We have been collecting art from our trips the past few years. Most of it is from Paris as well as one from Cologne, Germany & Portland, OR. I have been waiting to hang these until we collected enough to make a gallery wall as I really like how they look. I also like that it helps the TV fit better onto an otherwise white wall. I framed everything with white matting and black frames or floating black frames from Joann Fabrics during a recent framing sale. 

 use old paper grocery bags to make templates for each photo for the wall
lay out all the photos on the floor to make your design
consult a friend for a second opinion
transfer the design to the wall using painter's tape to attach each template
measure everything to be 3" apart & level

 make an "x" on the paper where the nail goes, then you can make the hole through the paper
put nails in wall
remove paper and any pencil marks on the wall from measuring

 hang your photos
enjoy your handiwork (can you see me on the sofa next to my HBC blanket?)

The home decor tasks are never done. B does not seem to have that figured it out yet but that is okay. Next task: new bedding and some canvas prints of wedding photography.

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