Good morning! Happy Friday! Lets get straight to my fave instas this week:

1. More pool time to get my class reading done. The weather has been amazing and being able to sit by the pool is my favorite part of the weekend. I bet it will be happening this weekend as well!

2. We made mussels in homemade tomato sauce this week. It was amazing. I love fresh seafood.

3. With the hot and humid weather, I have been very thirsty. On Wednesday I went through a venti green iced tea + 3 water refills! Hydration was not an issue.

4. We made cheesy polenta and sausage casserole again. My obsession with polenta continues.


This weekend, I have tons of reading, homework, and grading to do... by the pool of course! Not much else is planned but I imagine I will find enough to keep me busy.


I want to take a moment to mention the tragedy in Boston earlier this week as well as the events going on as I write this. It's so sad when tragedy happens. The first responders, volunteers, and police have done an excellent job responding in a time of need. I try to not talk politics around here but I am truly saddened by the event and thankful for those who have been working so hard to restore safety.


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