bin 77

When Fridays do not go as planned, sometimes you need to throw your boring dinner plans out the window and head to your favourite restaurant. That was last Friday. Really the reason for my bad Friday is now irrelevant but what made it better is not. B decided we should go to Bin 77 for some wine and yummy eats. I felt better immediately.

shrimp & grits - green beans - Paylay "Bookmaker" blend - tomato, basil, mozzarella flatbread

We shared everything... except for the wine of course! The shrimp & grits was amazing. Prior to living in Louisiana you would never convince me to eat grits or polenta. Times have changed. I am obsessed. But if you are going to feed me grits, they must be legit grits. That means not watery, full of flavor, and usually contains cheese. Does that surprise you? I love anything with cheese.

Anyone have any polenta recipes they want to share?
I have be pinning polenta recipes like crazy on Pinterest. Hopefully I will find something to add to our dinner rotation!

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