During our trip we spent a few days in Lancaster, England. B was working, I was shopping and sightseeing. Typical.

For dinner one night we went to Bella Italia. I had the Quattro pizza with ham, mushrooms, salami, and artichokes... And some red wine! It was delicious!


The city of Lancaster was dressed up for Christmas with lots of lights, decor, and trees. during my shopping day I took a break at Whale Tail Cafe, one that had great reviews online. It was a vegetarian cafe with lots of great choices.

I chose to have the parsnip, sage, and Stilton quiche with a side salad. What a great combo! The salad was 4 different salad including: mushroom pasta, lentil, carrot, and curry chickpea. I highly recommend this cafe if you are ever in the area. By the way, it is down a little alley, around a corner, and up some stairs. The best places are never easy to find!

The only other things we did was go for a work dinner at Quite Simply French, a small French restaurant on the river. Unfortunately, you do not get any food photos as it was a work dinner and I did not want to look inappropriate. We really enjoyed the food. I also shopped and only bought things for B (a scarf and gloves since we could not find his before we left and something that is hidden in my suitcase!) and something for my mother in law. I know she is reading this but she will have to wait until Christmas to find out what it is!

From Lancaster, we took a train to Manchester and flew to Dusseldorf. In the Manchester airport a venti latte at SB was approximately $8USD! Nuts! Tomorrow, I will tell you about our day in Dusseldorf. What a beautiful city.


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