Dusseldorf: a city with great shopping & great views. Do I need more? We spent last Thursday afternoon and evening in Dusseldorf. We flew in from Manchester and stayed overnight at the main train station. The location was excellent as we were close to the Christmas markets, some amazing stores, and even more restaurants.

We were starving by the time we arrived around lunch so we found an Italian restaurant to fuel our afternoon. I had penne with beef and mushrooms, still water, and tea. It was a great start to my German food experience... Lots of Italian, a few traditional German meals, and too many brauts to count!

After lunch we headed over to the river for some great views. Check this out:

All of these were taken from standing in one spot. It was a beautiful location! We also hit up the high end shops (but did not buy anything, of course) and wandered through the Christmas markets!

Being my first night in Germany, B got a restaurant recommendation from a friend and headed to Schumachers. We had schnitzel, potatoes, and peas as recommended by our waiter.

I loved all Dusseldorf offered us during our one day stop. Hopefully we will have time to go back so we can see more of this city. I can truly say I really appreciate the history in Europe. I love the traditions, especially at Christmas time!


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