I have been missing my instafriday posts! I was so busy with the end of the semester and then on vacation but I am ready to show you some of my fave instas from my last 2 weeks in England & Germany. He we go!

A few days into our trip to England, Ameila was born. I was so excited to see this photo show up on my phone. I am already in love and all I know is her name and her face.

Driving on the left, NBD.

Trying on fair aisle sweaters in Topshop. I did not love any of them, which is great since I later found the perfect fair aisle sweater in Germany for way less!

SB in the Manchester airport. Where a venti latte was 5£. Think approx. $8USD. No morning latte for this girl!

Best download of the year: google maps. My iPhone navigation skills are complete again!

Check out this poster I saw in Dusseldorf. We do not sugar coat or censor anything in Europe I guess.

I love German Christmas decor. It is anywhere and everywhere. Being here at this time of year definitely got me in the Christmas spirit.

In flight photo from Mancaster to Dusseldorf. Always a must on a flight.

The wine glass that was never empty. I really wanted to switch to red but never had the chance. We were invited to the international Christmas party at the German Sport University and had a great time!

Next time I am in Cologne, I wan to stay here... across the street from the cathedral... in the middle of the hustle and bustle... I bet it's not cheap! Maybe I will just go for some tea instead.

I bought a toque in Germany. This is something you may never see again... but my ears were cold! It looks better than I expected. Maybe toques will become my thing.

We made many trips to SB in Germany. There were lots of comfortable seats and we know it is the best place for free Internet! Thank you SB.

My newest addition to my yarn collection from a beautiful yarn shop I found in Cologne. I plan to make a cowl to go with my new sweater. It shall keep me busy on the long flight home.

I never got to go to the famous bridge in Cologne with all of the locks, but I did take a photo of a photo. I love this shot!

Gluhwein at the Christmas market. My newest obsession! It's like a mix between red wine, tea, and spices. I need to find a recipe to make this at home! Delish!

We were lucky enough to be able to use the first class lounge in Frankfurt. My choice for lunch was red wine and gummy candy! Kidding... I also had a hotdog... because I did not consume enough franks in the past week already!


Have a great weekend! I will see you from Ilinois for Christmas next week!


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