When your meal plan changes

We had a great meal plan for this week... then we changed all of it! We have leftovers from Thanksgiving... and leftovers from all of our coupons we got at Sam's Club! That's right, we finally got a Sam's membership. I actually purchased it through Living Social. It came with coupons for 2 boxes of cookies, a rotisserie chicken, and a large pizza that we could only get on the day we signed up for our membership.  The leftovers on top of the leftovers we already had made for a small grocery bill which was nice.

Here's what we plan to eat this week:
Sunday - pizza
Monday - leftovers at the university (last Monday night class of the year for both of us!)
Tuesday - turkey chili
Thursday - Walk Ons
Friday - tortilla soup (I have the best recipe from our fave place in Mexico!)
Saturday - TBD

With all of the grading I will have on my desk my the end of the week (15 group projects, 105 finals, and 130 assignments) I know I need to get my workouts in early. Since I have lots on my plate I imagine I will be doing some Bodyrock workouts... get a great workout in 12 minutes! I call it productivity at its best! I also hope to go to Body Factory on Saturday morning as they are having an open house... free workout!

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