Happy Thanksgiving #2!

I am thankful today, and everyday for:
a home to live in
B & our families
all of our friends all over the world
& happiness

This is our second Thanksgiving this year since we celebrate both Canadian and American holidays in our home. We get a 4.5 day weekend to relax, get ready for our vacations, do work, and eat some great food with friends. 
Did you know you have to wear this on your first ever American Thanksgiving:

Kidding! Turkey toques are not really my style.

We have a delicious meal planned as we are having friends over for dinner:
BBQ turkey
mashed potatoes
sweet potato souffle
cranberry orange relish
roasted broccoli
whole wheat buns
pumpkin pie

We are going to have way too much food but it will be great to have leftovers for a few days.
Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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