Teach me something: everything in moderation

Studying, homework, and class prep takes up a lot of my time as a grad student. Its important to remember that you need everything in moderation... even when it comes to school work. This past Friday night all I wanted was to sip on a glass of wine and someone else bring me dinner so I could hang out with B. We love Bin 77 and they have great happy hour specials so that was our destination of choice.

Moderation is key. Wine... in moderation. A delicious burger... in moderation. Dining out in restaurants... in moderation. Relaxation time... in moderation. But all of these things are also very important to prevent burnout... for both of us. B works very hard every single day, luckily he is married to someone who loves vacation, time to relax, and a delicious glass of wine. We create great balance.

So even though I love to tell you about what I am learning in school, I also love to tell you that I sometimes we all need to relax too. I cannot help it. It's the OT in me... self-care, productivity, & leisure everyday!

P.S. All I have left for my classes this semester is a 20 page paper (I am already 1/4 done), 1 stats assignment, 1 open book final, and 1 45 question multiple choice final! Then end of semester one of grad school is near! Up next: vacations in 4 different countries!

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