A week of food and fitness

Oops! I forgot to blog on Friday. I honestly do not have a reason why. Sometimes, life happens. After a crazy weekend of LSU football  I am ready for some healthy home cooked meals. Here's what's on the schedule for this week:

Sunday - tilapia, tomato tart, roasted broccoli, and potato wedges
Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - artichoke & olive ravioli with butternut squash sauce and tomato basil mozzarella salad
Thursday - Walk Ons
Friday - salad wraps

This week, on top of teaching 9 hours of Zumba and pilates, I plan to walk around the lake (weather pending), do an arm workout, a leg workout, and go to a class at Body Factory! I should book my class right now so I have no excuses later. 

Not much else going on this week. Hopefully it will be a quiet and productive week!

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