Its been a great week. I was productive, learned lots, and got to spend time with B.
Here's a recap in photos:

 1. Post Zumba sweatyness. We have fun and work hard, exactly how it should be. 2. We made a salad pizza this week! Yum! 3. I also made pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies. There are 2 in the freezer waiting for B's colleague who loves my cookies. 4. Speaking of Zumba, Beto Perez will be hosting a class in NOLA as an ALS fundriaser.... and I have a night class at the same time. Shoot!

5. It's a beautiful day for saving lives... or learning. I wish my classrooms were outside with this beautiful weather. 6. A mid day, mid week date with B for some pink grapefruit frozen yogurt. 7. Our first pumpkin pie sighting at Whole Foods. 8. Because we were there waiting to pick up our pizza!

This weekend: homework, yard work, and baking some wonderful pumpkin bread. I feel like the yard work never ends... but I guess that is what happens with this much beautiful weather! 

Have a great weekend!

Happy Canadian thanksgiving on Monday!

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