Best burger in BTR

We have been to Bin 77 many times since moving to Baton Rouge. It's a great date night location!  I have had their bin burger many times... maybe close to every time we have been there. It is seriously the best burger in this town, in my opinion. Why ruin a good thing and get something else?

We like to go during happy hour so we can have a flat bread for an appetizer and a glass of wine. This past Friday we splurged and bough a bottle of wine The server brought us a sample and it was amazing, we could not help ourselves, I just really love a red blend.

We love the steak and gruyere flat bread (center) but we have also tried the proscuitto, fig, and cambozola which is a great runner up. Bin 77 definitely provides me with my weekly red meat fix, and an iron booster!

Come visit and we will take you to Bin 77. Remember: happy hour = great deals!

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