Happy thankgiving!

Today is a holiday in Canada for thanksgiving. Although we are currently not in Canada and did not get a holiday today, I am still thankful for many things:

 thanksgiving dinner filled with veggies, BBQ turkey, and a mini pumpkin pie

B, my family, and friends. You mean the world to me.
A roof over my head, heat when its cold, a/c when its hot, and delicious food on my table.
Cozy blankets, a comfy bed, and pillows.
My health. Everyday I get out of bed refreshed and ready for my day. I can conquer whatever the world throws at me.
A great opportunity to further my education and learn new things everyday.
The fact that we can afford to shop, travel, and go out to eat. I know where are lots of people who do not even have a place to live.
You! Thank you for reading my blog.

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