Favorites for fall

My Pinterest obsession truly follows the seasons. Right now pumpkin, sweater & scarves (I know, it is not cold here), and a cozy home.

I saw this scarf last week, it is made by a designer in Montreal. Isn't it beautiful?
We have been obsessed with enchiladas lately. Tonight we made some with turkey leftovers! What a delicious and different way to use up leftover bird. 
Friends of our announced they are expecting, due in February. Over Christmas break I will be knitting!
Lately, I have been loving basic stripes and bright colors.
Check out this cast iron skillet shaped like Louisiana! They actually exist for every state. I found this in Martha Stewart Living that came in the mail today.
Pumpkin everything. I made this pumpkin bread on the weekend in loaf and muffin form. It was simple, low-fat and disappeared very quickly.
This decor makes me want to paint all of our walls white. Oh our crazy house.

A "cold front" came through today so I had to wear a sweater.... more due to the humid cold than coldness itself. But then I looked online and it said it is snowing in Canada. Life is busy with school right now... midterms week + a conference next week. Not much else to report from the south!

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