Weekly meal planning

Back to our normal routine. There are no expected hurricanes this week! With the holiday on Monday we do have some extra time to make a home cooked meal so that will be nice too.

Monday - sausages, brown rice with peas and cilantro, and tomato salad
Tuesday - trout sandwiches & mustard potatoes (yes, this is on the meal plan for the third week in a row as we still have not eaten the ingredients)
Thursday - Walk-Ons
Friday - TBD

This week I tried to focus more on green vegetables, leftovers, and healthy food choices. Again, we go out with Brian's colleagues on Thursdays and I never make plans for dinner on Fridays as we usually end up going out with friends so those nights I never buy ingredients for. If we do not go out, there is always a frozen pizza that can be baked or Whole Foods hot bar. 

Meal planning has kept us very organized with my transition back to school. Life is so much easier at the end of a long day when you do not need to plan what to makes based on what is available in the fridge. Planning is key for us!

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