It's been a crazy but enjoyable week. With Hurricane Isaac, class was cancelled Tuesday to Thursday. Tuesday was calm, we spent time at home relaxing, watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, getting ahead on school work, and watching the storm. We had power until 1:30pm Wednesday and only lost it for 21 hours. I think the worst was when we lost power and the Grey's Anatomy was over and the storm was not very exciting to watch. I expected stronger winds and harder rain but I guess other areas got hit much harder so we must have been lucky.
Here's my recap in photos:

1. We brought the rosemary bush inside. It sat next to be at the table and made me hungry for lamb. Yes, I associate rosemary with eating lamb. 2. Before we lost power, I enjoyed some time reading research articles and a glass of red wine. Some lamb would have been good here too. 3. Here is the pile of yard waste B picked up after the storm. He worked hard and got 6 bags and a pile of sticks. 4. After the storm we went on a date to the local coffee shop for a treat and a cool beverage. It was packed because not many places in town were open yet. We do not go here often enough but enjoy it every time we go. We must use this as a date location more often!

You will notice a lack of photos during the storm... I shut off my phone for most of it to conserve power. During the storm, I had a strong desire to bake something... but since we had no power, no ingredients, and no running water, this was not possible. Our waistlines are probably better off. I also need to remember to put some movies on our iPad for the next tropical storm or hurricane for something to do. Also, we did not need to eat any canned food... I now have spaghetti o's for sale.

Some interesting quotes from our 21 hours without power:
"What are in the ranch beans you bought? Black beans and ranch dressing?"
"Can we name our first child Isaac to commemorate this event?" "No, this storm was boring and I do not want a boring child."
"If we painted, what color would you paint the bedroom walls?" "Salmon." "Red or pink? I prefer red salmon from a can. What about the ceiling?" "Not the current puke green color it is."
Can you figure out who said what? You can tell we do not spend much time talking in the dark. Sometimes that might be better for us too.

Have a great long weekend! We will be doing more yard work, homework, lesson planning, eating yummy hot food, going on a date, and most likely grocery shopping. You do not want to see my fridge... it is very sad.

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