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Today's tid bit of info about my research is brought to you be Hurricane Issac.  Since the university is closed today and tomorrow, lets not talk about school related topics for a moment. Instead, lets talk about hurricane prep.

Here is my view on Monday afternoon. The calm before the storm. It was a beautiful day in Baton Rouge, maybe even one of the nicest days this summer. To get ready for the storm, we brought everything in from outside, filled the car up with gas, bought 12 gallons of water, 4 bags of ice, and some canned food. But here's the best part, we did all of this on Sunday so we found everything we were looking for and it was not chaotic at all. The car is now parked in a different spot so it is not under any trees, we have lots of reading at home to do, and we just have to wait.

I was hoping to make it at least one year in the south without having to deal with a hurricane. See you on the other side of the storm, I imagine we will be losing power later this evening but I do have some blog posts waiting for you... blog posts this week do not mean we have power or internet service... or that we can even get out of our house!

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