Meal planning

This week's meal planning is going to be a little different than last week. In case you live under a rock... I hope you don't... there is a hurricane headed right for us. That means we need to be able to adjust our plans accordingly but still be prepared as I do not want to be running to the grocery store in a hurricane to get canned goods. Hence:

Yes, I caved and let B get spaghetti o's. You will also see some wonderful things like canned red salmon, tuna in water, and low sodium soup. The low sodium soup selection in this country is pathetic, I refuse to eat all the salt (even during a hurricane) so my choices were limited. You will also see some things for B (beans) and things I secretly love to eat out of a can like baby corn and sliced mushrooms. I guess the secret is out. Desperate times call for desperate measures.... and I will still eat my vegetables. We may also be getting a third mouth to feed if our cousin who lives in New Orleans has to evacuate. Flexibility is key this week!

With all that being said, here is the plan this week if we continue to have power and running water. If not, spaghetti o's!

Sunday - grown-up mac n cheese (we have been making this since the recipe was posted in the NY Times website in 2008; we always make extra tomato sauce so we have have this)
Monday - leftovers at the university
Tuesday - mexicalli pie
Wednesday - trout sandwiches with mustard potatoes (did not eat this last week and need to use up ingredients)
Thursday - dinner out (weather pending)
Friday - dinner out (weather pending)
Saturday - we want to BBQ... lets see if it is still raining first

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