Missing Joe Fresh

A fellow Canadian friend, who also lives south of the border, mentioned on Facebook that she was excited to go to Joe Fresh on her trip home. This prompted me to check out the website and saw they had their fall fashions posted! There is so much I wish I could go buy. For my non-Canadian readers, did you know Joe Fresh is sold at the grocery store? There are now a few stand alone stores in Canada and NYC but how amazing is it to go for groceries and end up with some new clothes in your cart! One of the many things I miss about Canada...

I have cord jeans from last year, they are amazing. I highly recommend these, especially for the price.
Why do I want a puffa vest? I live in Louisiana where is might frost once per year?!?
Canadian family and friends... take note! What a great Christmas gift... something I no longer have access to. While I mention it, I also really like the houndstooth dress and coloured denim!

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