For mom

Mother's Day is this weekend. My mom lives far away... she also has not had the opportunity to visit yet. If she did, these are some of the things from the south I would share with her:

1. Green juice at Whole Foods. When I go home there is always juice in the fridge... but never green juice. Maybe I could introduce her to something new. 2. Fresh seafood... at a great price! My mom would love the seafood here. 3. The bread section at Whole Foods. If you know my mom you will know she loves fresh bread. If it is 3 days old, it is no longer fresh. She would love the many options and mini loaves. Oh and she would probably go through a bread club card every 2 weeks. I loved the chalkboard in the bread section "There is no fakery in our bakery. Everything you knead, nothing you don't. " That is very much our style. 4. Justin's almond bar. The woman loves almond butter and chocolate. This would be her kind of bar. She may even buy multiples and freeze them... she is known for freezing chocolate. 5. My homemade gnocchi. She has never had it but would love it. 6. Kiwi... or peaches... or strawberries. She would love the fresh fruit and the open air produce market.

Let's just say when my parents come visit you can probably find us at Whole Foods... everyday. We will buy seafood, bread, and all the random foods you cannot find in Canada.

Mom, have you booked your trip yet? Dad, you can come too. We will go for frozen yogurt.



  1. I'm not your mom, I'm your aunt, can I come? I love Whole Foods and strawberries and seafood, too!

  2. And I love chocolate and bread. I'm not sure about the green juice.

  3. You can only come visit if you promise to try green juice. It is amazing!

  4. We want to visit, so I promise to try green juice.

  5. Thanks for the great blog! You know me so well. I am so looking forward to coming to visit you.


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