Crazy busy

Its feast or famine around here. I used to be bored. Now I don't have enough hours in the day. Okay, I still have lots of time to sleep, but not enough time for extra curriculars like workouts and blogging the past few days. Boo to that. This past weekend was filled with research at the university, work, and time with B. 

This morning I got groceries and did a Bodyrock workout! It feels like a productive weekend already and it has just started. My workout results include:
Touch Down’s – 41, 37, 32
Spider Push-Ups – 15, 14, 15
Tuck Abs – 13, 13, 12
Hanging Knee Raises – 16, 17, 17

Bicep Curl – 26
Shoulder Press – 27
Squats – 17
Triceps – 28
Round The World – 12
Upright row – 24
Bent Over Row – 35
Abs – 12 

On a fun note for the morning, here are some of my fave pins on Pinterest lately:

kate spade shoes - milk bottle measuring cup - banana ice cream (does this actually work?) - pink Nike shoes - LOVE bookends - Lululemon just released a new swim line, aren't these bottoms cute?

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  1. Did the exact same workout this morning. :)


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