Flowers make everything better

So I tried to make dehydrated strawberries this week but they did not turn out. Shoot! Anyone have a a good recipe to make dehydrated strawberries without a dehydrator?

Luckily, I have been taking photos of the various flowers around my yard using Instagram that I can share today. We did not plant any flowers when we moved in because I wanted to focus on vegetables and herbs. Luckily, flowers have been appearing around the yard on various plants and where we would least expect. Oh, the beauty of the south!

Aren't they beautiful? Everything is so vivid, even in small quantities. 

Today I did an old Bodyrock workout as a new one was not posted yet. 
Push Up & Twist - 9
Sandbag Swings - 15
Switch Lunge - 20
Bentover row - 27
Side Lunge L - 13
Side Lunge R - 14
Push-Up & Touch Shoulder - 12
Lunge & Twist  - 9
Shoulder Press & Squat - 14
Elevated Push Ups - 11
Mountain Climbers - 48
Reverse Pull Ups - 17
Plank - n/a
Side Oblique Plank L - n/a
Side Oblique Plank R - n/a
Tricep Dips - 17
Goblet Squats - 15

I was very thankful that the Bodyrock host posted the link to this workout on Facebook. I like not having to think about my workout when I am having a busy week. Time to get to my to-do list! I have a busy day planned. This week has been a little nuts!

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