St. Patrick's Day

I did not know Baton Rouge had so many Irish people! Okay, maybe not, but the locals really love a reason to have a parade. We decided to join the festivities and go to the St. Patty's Day parade on Saturday. By the way - this was my first parade in BR. The weather was perfect for a 10 am parade.

We attended wearing green, of course, met up with friends, and got ready for the event. By getting ready, I mean everyone else drank beer and I had a kale smoothie from Whole Foods. I just don't think its necessary to drink alcohol that early in the morning... call me a prude.

My fave parade floats was the one led by "blind referees". There were some other great ones too. I also found out that no matter what the occasion, they love to throw beads. By the end of the parade I was covered in beads, so many that I had to carry them home with two arms!

Good times were had by all. We will definitely go to this one again!

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