Another busy week for us! I feel like I say that every week. This week was filled with yummy but healthy food, a water line break, working on my never ending to-do list, and beautiful weather. Here's a little peek into our week:

 1. Did you know when you order mozza sticks at Twin Peaks, they come in the shape of a log cabin. Very cute and goes with the decor of the restaurant. The mozza sticks were good, everything else was just okay. But I guess that is to be expected when you walk  in the door. 2. Have you ever tried key lime greek yogurt? Amazing! I will be buying this one again. 3. This was my birthday dinner. I really wanted the wedge salad from Ralph & Kacoo's. It is soooo good. It looks small but it will fill you up quickly. I am such a fan of crisp lettuce and blue cheese. 4. Craft project?!? This one is taking longer than expected. Hopefully I will complete it soon but I am quite distracted by my sewing machine.

5. I got B a surprise this week for being a great husband. And by that I mean he does not make me get a job at a fast food place just because I cannot find work elsewhere. He is just too nice! In lieu of his understanding, I picked up Irish cream St. Patrick's Day cupcakes from Sweet Wishes. They were delish and the perfect portion size! 6. This is the next book on my reading list: Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. Since our trip to Paris in the summer I am obsessed with all things Parisian and it looks like a well written book. When I finish my current read, I will be heading to the iBooks store for this one! 7. Having friends over for March Madness = baking like a maniac. I made tortilla chips for our three dip medley and oatmeal cookies to eat frozen... soooo good! 8. Oreo milkshake... soo good but too much dairy for this girl.

What are you plans for the weekend? Here: basketball, the St. Patrick's Day parade, a party at the neighbors, and a trip to my fave store! Oh and I have a pile of mending to do now that I have a sewing machine.

Welcome to Chelsea's sweat shop... we fix clothes, we bake, and we DIY. By "we" I mean I "myself" and by "sweat" I mean literally as it is supposed to be +27C and sunny all weekend. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

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